This Changes Everything.


Life is complicatedly uncomplicated. It’s uniquely the same. Individually replicated. The challenge is seeing the overlapping similarities and recognizing the same within the difference. However, it’s a lot easier to say than do. In this episode of the Construction MPa Podcast we will discuss the ultimate example is how to leverage an age-old process and apply it to success in any area of our personal, professional, or physical life.


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DISCLAIMER: This Podcast is for Construction Industry Business Owners who want to strengthen themselves, and their Businesses only. If you’re looking for cheesy leadership, business and development advice, watch a TED talk. Because that’s not how we roll.



Connecting The Dots

What do the following have in common:

  • Business
  • Bodies
  • Relationships
  • Careers
  • Lives

Each of the above requires a form of structure, strategy, plan, or ideology to grow. Without one of these things being in place, the area in question is dependent upon luck, circumstance, or hope to significantly/successfully progress.

The challenge stems from each of these areas of life significantly varying and having its own accepted rules, which at first glance don’t align. In each of these areas, we follow different norms and make assumptions based on social acceptance. No more!

From now on, we will utilize one process as our ‘foundation’ for progress in each of these areas. A process that is visible across the planet and has been followed with success since we stopped grunting and started speaking. That process is Construction Development.

The process we use to transform an old, empty, or new plot of land into a structurally sound Architectural wonder is the same as the one used to transform a body, business, life, or relationship.


Step No.1 – Vision

Arnold Schwarzenegger regularly gives speeches to groups of people at conferences about how he was able to be successful in his life and accomplish so much. The first item on the legendary Terminator’s success list is Vision. He articulates that you must have a vision for your life (here’s a link to one of his speeches if you’ve never heard them). We agree with the Austrian Oak 100%.

In our experience, most people don’t necessarily struggle with having no vision… they might struggle with making that Vision clear or concise. Still, they typically have an idea of what they’re trying to achieve.

That Vision could be a jacked body like Arnie, a business like Jeff Bezos, a career like the boss, or a beautiful relationship like their parents. It’s step 2. were they typically go wrong.


Step No.2 – Clear The Site

Most people who are inspired to build, create or generate something who have a vision just straight into vertically building and directly working on that Vision. Hey, and kudos to them for taking action. The problem is they’re taking the wrong action.

In construction, the first step is to clear the land i.e. the jobsite,

Clearing the land representative of clearing our mind. Removing everything in the way of our building/development and even demolishing old structures in preparation for the new.

Clearing our mind means removing the usual rubbish we focus on or about that isn’t helping us bring our Vision to life. That includes negativity, complaint, whining, opinions, and gossip.

This is loser language, and you wouldn’t have a vision for your future or be reading this if you were a loser. Losing doesn’t make you a loser. Quitting, never trying, or dragging others down who are trying does.

Once you’ve put the time in to get focused on your goal, once your Vision has officially become your magnificent obsession, you’re ready for step 3.


Step No.3 – Excavate

Before we go up, we must go down. In construction terms, we excavate down into the ground until we’ve hit a solid bedroom to support our foundations. In human terms, we dig within ourselves, trying to find the bedrock of our souls.

Everyone likes to think of themselves as having a soul, but no one ever talks about that soul, let alone tries to communicate with it directly. However, we must.

Know thyself is a famous Latin phrase that hits the proverbial nail on the head. Building a structure on a weak foundation is dangerous, but building one on an unknown foundation is stupid.

We know ourselves intimately on a surface level but not much further beyond. Except for attraction, lust, and love, we rarely go any deeper, but we must. If we don’t fully understand who we are, what makes us tick, and why we want this Vision to become a reality.

We risk building something bigger than we can support, handle, or manage.

You are more than a name, gender, race, or religion; once you realize that, you can build anything you want.


Step. 4 Engineered MPa

We’ve used the word ‘Foundation’ multiple times already. It is commonly recognized that foundations are vital for success in all areas of life. They’re essential in transforming your Vision into a reality.

In construction, a foundation’s strength, its Engineered ability to absorb and dissipate force, determines the size/weight of the building that can be built upon it. A small or weak foundation can only sustain a small structure… or, in our case, a small vision.

This is why we must dig deep and excavate within ourselves first. So we can make way for a foundation big enough to support our Vision. That foundation is the prep you must do in order to succeed. The knowledge, skills, attitudes, awareness, perspective, education, trust, and mindset that will carry your Vision forward.

Where you are right now isn’t sufficient to get you there, your foundation might be decent. You might be a good, experienced, hard-working person, but that’s not enough. You must proactively strengthen your MPa in advance. Change requires change.

Your inner Concrete MPa foundation with determine your future success.


Step 5. Curing

Patience is no longer a virtue, its a unicorn.

In a world of instant gratification, immediate downloads, streaming, and bandwidth, patience ain’t what it used to be, but for your Vision to become a reality, it needs to be.

Mother nature doesn’t care if you’re in a rush and the universe has no sense of time. You’ll have to slam on the breaks, take a deep breath, and accept that your Vision might be perfected in your mind, but it will be a long time before the world ever gets to see it.

Your mind might be able to change quickly, but your habits won’t. Your ideas might form quickly, but the world won’t accept them quickly. You might have all the potential in the world, but the world must be mature, wise, and open to recognizing it. Sometimes, you might have to change, amend, or tackle social norms, which will take longer than you realize.

Patience is one of the most under-appreciated and undervalued success traits. Everything in life that is truly important, lasting, and valuable takes time to create. Love, peace, trust, respect… you get the picture.


Step 6. Build!

Now it’s time to build, construct, expand, grow, or develop.

Weeks, months, or years might have passed between now and that faithful day you decided to turn your Vision into a reality, and that’s ok.

The purpose of your Vison wasn’t to build something that lasted a split second, day, week, or year. I was to create something that forms part of your legacy and that’s worth waiting for.

Whether it’s a Mr. Olympian body, a Skyscraper, a Family, or a Multi-Million Dollar empire, we want to build something that will last.

Legacy matters, and the difficulty of what we overcome makes it worthwhile, it makes it something we’re proud of that we can reflect on without regret.

All of our visions will take different amounts of time to create. Hence, we cannot compare. The only certain thing is that the bigger the Vision, the longer the journey, but the bigger the reward!



Step. 7 Reality

Nothing lasts forever. Nothing stays the same. Once you have put in the blood, sweat, and tears and brought your Vison to life, your work isn’t done. To be human is never to be satisfied.

You must re-engineer your foundations if you want more, different, bigger, or better. Your MPa was designed to carry the weight and strain of this Vision, not the next one. 

Just follow the same process, and don’t skip any steps. Today’s success doesn’t guarantee tomorrows. Evolution requires continuous growth, open-mindedness, reflection, patience, and work. 



This Changes Everything Conclusion

This process works in constructing buildings, and infrastructure, and it will work in your life, business or in the gym. We must stop racing ahead, and using our current MPa as our foundation, because it’s simply not strong enough. 

Big visions, backed up by hard working, dedicated people change the world. They always have, and they always will.

If you’re reading this, you have the potential to be one of those people.

Go get some!


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What is the Construction MPa Program vs. Construction MPa Podcast? The Construction MPa Program is an entirely different beast than the Construction MPa Podcast. However, it was ultimately built with the same end goal in mind, too:

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B) Provide a home for small business owners to openly discuss the challenges they face in a sales and bullshit-free environment.

The ultimate aim of all things Construction MPa s to deliver content, advice, and experience in areas that most people never talk about. Most business owner leadership content is outdated and not relevant for working-class industries. Blue-collar people and businesses require blue-collar leadership: straight-talking, experience-based fact-driven content. Mindsetattitude, and perspective get overlooked. Helping company owners transition from a job site trade mindset to a business owners mindset takes time, patience, and conscious effort.

Strong businesses require a strong business owner mindset, and that’s what Construction MPa is all about. If you want to know more about the Construction MPa Program, check out: Program Outline Page.

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