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Construction Motivation

This is dedicated to all of those small business owners in the construction industry who keep the worlds construction engines churning forward.

Lonely at the Top

It can feel like you’re the only one, and no one else get it… but you’re not, and by the end of this episode you’ll understand why.

What Makes You Different?

You’ll never get to show off your skill, trade, or service if your potential client doesn’t buy into you first.

Stubborn | Determined | Relentless

Sound like someone you know? Vital traits, but are you in full control of them?.

What position are you playing?

Successful teams require them all, but they each have different roles to play.

Concrete Leadership.

Strength, durability, and resilience. If it’s good enough for concrete, it’s good enough for you.


Business Owners Only

Don’t Stop.

Perseverance makes the difference in Business, don’t quit, don’t bail, don’t stop! Success requires persistence. 

Construction Pros vs. Joes.

Are you a Pro building a company that will go the distance? Or a flash in the pan Joe! Let’s discuss the difference. 

Get Over It.

If there’s one skill every Business owner needs to survive in the jungle of Construction, it’s the ability get over problems quickly.

New Year Same Sh!t.

Don’t drag last years baggage into a new year! If you want more success within the business you need to plan for it.

WTF Is Construction MPa.

In this first-ever Construction MPa Podcast, you’ll find out precisely what the Construction MPa Podcast is all about.

Blue Collar Leadership.

Blue collar working class people do like like talking about leadership, or being called a leader. What does this mean?


Strength  |  Durability  |  Resilience

How to Strengthen Your Biz Part 1.

You’ve got the business, now its time to jack it up and strengthen so it can hit the next level.

How to Strengthen Your Biz Part 2.

In part two of this series we go deep! We dig into why we see a lack of accountability, and reliability. 

How to Strengthen Your Biz Part 3.

In the final episode of the ‘How to Strengthen your Construction Business’ series we wrap up everything.

Business is Client Reliant.

Who’s the top of the food chain in business? Is it you? Is it the Company itself? Or is it your employees? Nope, it’s the client!

It’s not me it’s you.

It might not be the politically correct break up statement, but it is how most business owners in construction feel. 

Top Three Tips.

These three tips represent the three things I wish I’d known and appreciated earlier in my career..


Construction Leadership

The truth about Health & Safety.

Health and Safety can be the difference between life and death or your people, and business!

No.1 piece of advice for Biz Owners.

Twenty yeas of running businesses in across two continents over a twenty year timeframe highlights this point. 

Mo Money Mo Problems.

Most small business owners think that money is the solution to all of their problems. It’s not that simple.

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        Blue Collar Business Conversation