Pros vs Joes.


In this episode of the Construction MPa Podcast, we talk about the difference between Construction Pros vs Construction Joes! Pros build strong durable, long-lasting profitable businesses, Joes don’t! Joes chase todays dollars, struggle to grow their company, and unfortunately don’t last the test of time.



Disclaimer: This Podcast is for Construction Industry Business Owners who want to hear the truth no matter how much it might sting. If you’re looking for nicey, nicey leadership advice? Go watch a TED talk!


Why should I care?


You’ve already got your Business off the ground, you’ve got work, your making money. Why should you care if you’re considered a Pro or a Joe? Because that’s just the beginning.

Depending upon your age, you’re probably going to be working for another 10-40 years! Whether or not you can sustain your Business for that duration will depend upon your ability to become a Pro.

Pros build businesses rich with referrals, have solid profit margins, and can eventually be sold or passed down to another generation. Joes, on the other hand, don’t.

You must have sufficient skill and experience in your area of expertise already, or you wouldn’t have contemplated going into Business for yourself. However, skill and expertise alone are not enough.


The little things


Pros pay attention to the little things. They prepare well and excel in the basics because the difference between a Pro and a Joe isn’t necessarily talent, skill, or ability.

Regardless of whether your business deal primarily in a Business to Business or Business to end-user format, it’s still a human-to-human transaction.

Regardless of their roles, status, sex, or gender, humans are very similar. We trust, don’t trust, like, and dislike very similar things.

Our first impressions last, and our last impressions are lasting! This is why we must become Business Pros, not act like Amature Joes because the future of our Business literally depends upon it.




In this episode of the Construction MPa Podcast, we will dig into the Pros vs Joes debate and reveal all of the do’s and don’t that are vital for Construction Industry success.



Program vs. Podcast?


The Construction MPa Program is an entirely different beast than the Construction MPa Podcast. However, it was ultimately built with the same end goal in mind, too:

A) Help small business owners strengthen their businesses themselves via a step-by-step process.

B) To provide a home for small business owners to openly discuss the challenges they face in a sales and bullshit-free environment.

If you want to know more about the Construction MPa Program, check out: Program Outline Page.


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