Growth versus Scale


Business growth eventually becomes the main topic of conversation for all small business owners in the construction industry. However, most business owners don’t understand the growth versus scale difference. Growth without scale equals stress, strain, and failure! In this episode of the Construction MPa Podcast we will talk through some of the ways in which you can scale your business. Enjoy!


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Disclaimer: This Podcast is for Construction Industry Business Owners who want to hear the truth. If you’re looking for nicey, nicey leadership advice? Best you watch a TED talk!


What’s the difference?

Growth and scale are intertwined. They are two sides of the same coin, the difference is you can grow a business without scaling incorrectly, but you can’t scale a business without scaling it.

Growth is pressing for more, but more of the same. More of the same works, but only to a specific size or level, which is where the confusion kicks in.

Eventually, if you keep the same company structure, technology, training, and communication, but your company has massively grown, it will bottleneck.

In short, scale is strategic evolutionary growth.


What does scale look like?

There is no hard and fast rule or example of scalability. It varies depending upon business, industry, and sector.

The examples of scalable areas shown below stem from twenty-plus years of owning and working with small business owners in the construction industry:

  • Labor Tracking/Managing System
  • Bookkeeping and Accounts
  • Company Management Structure
  • Drawing/Spec Digitalization
  • Health & Safety Training, Documentation, and Mindset
  • Internal and Client Communication
  • QA/QC procedures
  • HR and Disciplinary Procedures

These are just some basic examples of areas with small construction companies that can be scaled.

Scaling your business will strengthen your company’s foundational MPa. The higher your MPa, the bigger the company you can build without fear of your foundations cracking.



Growth is essential in business. However, creating that growth in a controlled, managed, strategic and is even more critical. Most companies don’t die of starvation. They die from indigestion.

Program vs. Podcast?

The Construction MPa Program is an entirely different beast than the Construction MPa Podcast. However, it was ultimately built with the same end goal in mind, too:

A) Help small business owners strengthen their businesses.

B) Provide a home for small business owners to openly discuss the challenges they face in a sales and bullshit-free environment.

If you want to know more about the Construction MPa Program, check out: Program Outline Page.


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