Concrete Leadership.


Strength, toughness, resilience, and durability are why concrete is second only to water as the world’s most popularly consumed liquid. Strong, tough, resilient, durable businesses dominate their market and win long-term. How do you strengthen the MPa of your concrete leadership? That is what we’re going to talk about in this weeks episode of the Construction MPa Podcast.



Disclaimer: This Podcast is for Construction Industry Business Owners who want to hear the truth no matter how much it might sting. If you’re looking for nicey, nicey leadership advice? Best you watch a TED talk!



Stronger is better.


Name one situation in life when being weak is superior to being strong… didn’t think so.

Strong people, strong materials, strong faith, and the list goes on. After all we’re drawn to strength because it personifies security.

As a business owner, you know the stronger your business is, the better. Therefore performance, market share, profitability, demand are all affected by strength.

The law of the jungle demands that only the strong survive, and the construction industry is as close to the jungle in the working environment.

Concrete leadership is strong, durable, tough, and resilient leadership. Above all it’s a leadership style that filers down into the company and strengthens the overall business MPa.

Strong leaders build strong companies, and strong companies last the test of time and weather economic storms.

Your MPa directly affects your company MPa.


Mix design matters?


The best way to understand how concrete leadership is created is by comparing it to how concrete is created. Similarly, the ingredients and processes are the same:


  • Cement. You are the critical ingredient for success in your business; therefore, you represent the element of cement in the mix design. Cement is that important in the production of concrete people even use the word cement in place of concrete. 
  • Aggregate. Your people are the aggregate of your company. There, size, location, individual strength directly impact the overall MPa of the concrete. You need a suitable aggregate to achieve the appropriate MPa.
  • Water. Represents transparency, the importance of trust, and clarity throughout your business. You must embody these characteristics as the leader of your company, and so must your people. A lack of trust and transparency weakens the MPa of your business foundation.
  • Sand. Is your company attitude, its grit. Your attitude and interaction with your people, clients, and stakeholders matters. A company’s attitude affects its standards, which can be the difference between repeat business and building relationships.


Without any of these ingredients, you don’t create concrete. However, without the correct ratio of each ingredient, your concrete will be weak or unpractical to work with. In other words your concrete leadership is the QC ensuring that the mix design, and ratios are spot on.


Environmental impact


A concretes its ingredients doesn’t just determine strength. Therefore, where and how it’s mixed significantly impacts its workability and MPa.

Just like concrete, the strength of your company is directly affected by the environmental workplace. In other words, how you and your people interact with each other and your client’s matters.

Concrete poorly mixed and poured in poor conditions will have a low MPa, and might even get rejected. Similarly, a poor working environment creates a poor working culture, which results in low standards and negative attitudes.

Culture is the ultimate differentiator in business, and it can single-handedly make or break a business. Your concrete leadership will ensure that your culture creates a skyscraper-worthy foundation.




In conclusion, concrete leadership builds strength, resilience, and durability. Above all it creates a positive, high accountability, ownership driven culture that raises standards and increases the overall MPa of your business.

Program vs. Podcast?

 The Construction MPa Program is an entirely different beast than the Construction MPa Podcast. However, it was ultimately built with the same end goal in mind, too:

A) Help small business owners strengthen their businesses themselves via a step-by-step process.

B) To provide a home for small business owners to openly discuss the challenges they face in a sales and bullshit-free environment.

If you want to know more about the Construction MPa Program, check out: Program Outline Page.


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