Break These Laws.


In any area of professional sports, highly penalized teams aren’t successful. Too many fouls, offsides, handballs, and holding calls eventually result in a loss. We need to understand the rules… the laws if we stand a chance of winning, especially if we want to choose which ones to break for our benefit. Our wants, needs, feelings, or interests are irrelevant to laws. Laws operate independently and neutrally. We must respect this reality and use it to our advantage.


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DISCLAIMER: This Podcast is for Construction Industry Business Owners who want to strengthen themselves, and their Businesses only. If you’re looking for cheesy leadership, business and development advice, watch a TED talk. Because that’s not how we roll.




Flag on the play


In sports, we have the advantage of referees controlling, guiding, and managing the game. In life and Business, we do not. However, we still have rules and laws that must be understood, acknowledged, respected, followed, bent, and sometimes broken.

A famous quote attributed to Pablo Picasso: “learn the rules, so you know how to break them” is a quote to remember. Too many people don’t understand the laws and rules of the games they are playing.

In Business, we think of laws as only relative to taxation, health and safety, or building code. However, the truth is that human laws are just as important because they apply to sales, leadership, innovation, and creativity.

Recognizing the difference between the laws when working on the job site versus running the company working on that job site is essential. The two are not the same. You no longer have the same role or responsibility as your employees. The law says you must understand and know what your people know, but follow the laws and rules of a business owner.

As a business owner, the law says to get the best out of your people, to maximize their working potential, trust, collaboration, and attitude. Regarding clients, customers, or potential clients and customers, it says to respect that they’re top of the food chain and want to work with people they trust, who are reliable and easy to deal with. They need to be the right price and work at the correct standards, but it’s not 100% quality driven. Most employees don’t respect or understand this. They think it’s all about quality and performance only; it’s not.


We are what we cheat


Nutrition and exercise provide another perfect example of laws and rules at work. What we consume, that quality of what we consume versus what we burn, when we burn it, and for how long is law. 

What our body looks like is a direct representation of our choices of food consumption, quality, and regularity versus what we burn. It is possible to exercise and eat healthily and still not look how you want to look or be as fit. You might have to break the social law and fast or intermittent fast. You might have to eat a low-carb diet, or drink less beer with your friends. 

Breaking socially acceptable laws, or inner laws bout diets and preferences might be the differentiating factor. Becoming disciplined in your routine, sacrificing eating, drinking, enjoying, or doing something with Consistency over an extended period of time might be the only way. 

If you want success in life, your Business, or with your body. Discipline, Sacrifice, and Consistency are the law. All successful CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Professional Athletes possess these traits. Some naturally, but most have acquired them through will and effort.




If you’re not willing to do what needs to be done and break these laws, the likelihood of achieving success, progress, happiness, or whatever your pursuing is slim. Normal, average, and common work ethics are acceptable but not elite, and the world only pays top dollar for elite.

Elite is rare, people who break these laws are rare, and rare is valuable. If you want to do, have, and or create big things for your Business or your life, you must understand the rules and laws of the game. So you can learn how to bend or break them to get where you’re trying to go!




Break These Laws Construction MPa

What is the Construction MPa Program vs. Construction MPa Podcast? The Construction MPa Program was the original founding concept, an online course designed to help small business owners in the construction industry by providing insight, and experience gleaned from 20+ years of running businesses, and leading corporate divisions. However, over time it evolved in the Construction MPa Podcast, why? Because small Business Owners are highly skeptical, and only seeing or hearing would be believing. Therefore the Construction MPa Program evolved into The Construction MPa Podcast, and it possess the same ultimate goal, too:

A) Help small business owners strengthen their businesses from the inside out.

B) Provide a home for small business owners to openly discuss the challenges they face in a sales and bullshit-free environment.

The ultimate aim of all things Construction MPa s to deliver content, advice, and experience in areas that most people never talk about. Most business owner leadership content is outdated and not relevant for working-class industries. Blue-collar people and businesses require blue-collar leadership: straight-talking, experience-based fact-driven content. Mindsetattitude, and perspective get overlooked. Helping company owners transition from a job site trade mindset to a business owners mindset takes time, patience, and conscious effort.

Strong businesses require a strong business owner mindset, and that’s what Construction MPa is all about. If you want to know more about the Construction MPa Program, check out: Program Outline Page.

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