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Strengthen Your Company MPa

Construction MPa gives you what you need to increase Employee Accountability, Execution, Ownership, and Operational Excellence.


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Strengthen Your Company MPa

The Construction MPa Program gives you what you need to increase employee accountability, execution, ownership, and operational excellence

Strengthening your Company from the inside out.

The Construction MPa Mix Design


Businesses like concrete are not created equal.

The strength of concrete is determined by its mix design, and environment.

You cannot change the environment, but you can change your business mix design.

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Your people do the things they do, and act the way they do because that is all they know, it’s their norm. Learn how to broaden their awareness to match yours, and reverse their ‘me first’ perspective.

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The Pack

You’ve come a hell of a long way on your own, but you need not go any further on your own. Feel the benefit of belonging to a pack of like-minded construction industry business owners were real life experience and knowledge is shared.

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Accountability, ownership, and execution combined with clear, specific, and respectful communication across all levels of your organization, is the recipe for stress free profitability, business growth, and market domination.

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Imagine how your business would look if you could devote the majority of your time to doing all of those things that you never get around to doing, because you are to busy putting out other peoples fires.

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RESPECT: You can’t build without it.

Respect is everything in business, and especially in construction. For you to take your business to the next level you will need help. Help which comes in the form of increased buy-in and respect from your people, and your clients, and you shouldn’t have to fight to get it.

It Starts With You – Everything within this program is designed to flow through you, you are always the focal point, as you are the most important person in the company.

Raising The Bar – Your people only know and see part of the picture… You will change that, and in doing so raise their respect for you, and your company in the process.

The Truth – The customer may not always be right, but the client always has the right. The right to choose to work with you in the future or not, your people will learn to understand and appreciate this.

The Loop – The world is continuously changing, so must your service, products, or skills. Your clients and people are the key to this ever-evolving process.

Its not what you say – It’s always how you say it. You will be shown a step by step process that you can follow to transform your team into a smooth flowing machine.

Strength In Numbers

Construction MPa

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No more struggling on your own, no more guessing games, no more paying the price after making an inexperienced decision.

Leverage, ‘The Pack’ and tap into decades of construction industry Business owner experience, and insight.

Learn from the mistakes of others, and help others to learn from yours.

The Building Blocks

It always comes down to the basics.

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Transform your people into a Special Forces caliber team that execute at the highest level, regardless of the project.

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Expectations, we must exceed them to build real relationships, and become the authority, and industry leader in our field.

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The Truth

What brought you this far won’t take you any further, you need to refine, your knowledge, skills, and perspective to move up.

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Despite all the devices, apps, and technology most people still SUCK at communicating, let’s change that.

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Make more without spending more. Recognize where you are losing it, and what you need to do to seal the leaks.

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Health & Safety

Crews that work with each other, look out for each other, which helps everyone go home safe at the end of the day.

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Educate your people on the importance of taking complete ownership of their work, projects, crews, and their actions.

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Social media and the internet is filled with contradictory advice, sales, and bull$h!t. That’s why we created ‘The Pack.’

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Risk = Reward

Its time your people learned the truth that in life and business, reward is directly attributed to risk.

MPa Tells It Like It Is

If you are looking for poetic leadership, help & advice…

Construction Mpa 22

Your in the wrong f#%king place!

Construction MPa Leadership

Construction Mpa 23

You might not think of yourself as the leader of your business, but that is exactly what you are!

The moment you decided to act, and you put your money were your mouth was, you earned that title.

As the leader of your business your voice must be the main voice of authority, reason, inspiration, and understanding. The Construction MPa Program gives all you the content, scripts, documents, and resources to strengthen your business from the inside out.

Your people will never need to hear a word from an external, ‘Consultant’ you will have all of the knowledge, and resources you need to keep everything in-house. Plus you will be able to draw upon it repeatedly year in and year out, as your company grows.

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Business owners only

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